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C-TICK Certification

 C-TICK Certification

C-TICK Certification 

A / C-Tick is by the Australian Communications Authority (Australian Communications Authority, referred to as ACA) issued to telecommunications equipment certification mark. Manufacturers and the import step-by-step more steps must be used in accordance with the A-Tick: 
1, product implementation of technical standards ACAQ test 
2, the ACA registered A / C-Tick 
3, fill in "in line with the statement table "(Declaration of Conformity Form), and in line with the record keeping and products with 
4, in communication products or equipment have put A / C-Tick mark logos (label) 5, for sale to consumers only the A-Tick applicable to communication products, electronic products to apply for most C-Tick, electronic products, however if the application A-Tick, you do not need to apply for C-Tick. 
Since starting in November 2001, to Australia / New Zealand to apply for the merger of EMI; if the two countries in this sale, the following documents required before marketing Qi, for ACA (Australian Communications Authority) or New Zealand (Ministry of Economic Development) inspection authorities at any time: 
1. test report - must be NATA or NATA certification of mutual institutions, such as NVLAP or A2LA accredited laboratory issued to be valid, otherwise the request to send the sample measured very high probability . 
2. "Application to use the C-tick Mark" Form - must be from Australia / New Zealand company or importer is responsible for the signature. 
3. "Supplier's Declaration of Conformity" Form - must be from Australia / New Zealand company or importer is responsible for the signature. Signed in charge of the vendor's responsibility to ensure that sales of the product continues to meet EMI requirements. 
4. The original draft of the design drawings and specifications (such as: circuit diagram, block diagram, User's Manual and Service Manual, etc.). 
5. Described the production of the production inspection procedures to ensure the maintenance of EMI characteristics. 
6. Anything that would affect the EMI and the necessary changes described in the test record. 

C-TICK certification preparation information
Quantity: At least two machine
C-TICK prepared: 
1) Application Form for International Certification 
2) nameplate 
3) circuit schematic 
4) Manual 
5) Note the difference (when the application of a number of models) 
6) key Components list (recommended the use of components of the international certification mark) 
7) specification of some components (such as transformers, filters, fuses, capacitors, switches, etc.) 
The above information needs
Test cycle: complete information, products, under the premise of no improvement for 7 days!



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