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Machinery Directive Test

Classification of machinery:
1. Functions: packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, plastic machinery, engineering machinery, machine tool processing machinery
2. From the perspective of CE, there is an important classification: hazardous machinery and non-hazardous machinery.
3. Explain what is dangerous machinery and non-dangerous machinery.
4. The classification of hazardous and non-hazardous means different authentication methods.
Machinery Directive Test
Instructions related to machine CE:

1. The Directive 98/37/EC takes effect on 12 August 1998; Due date: 28 December 2009; Directive 2006/42/EC effective date: 28 December 2009. Standards under the Directive: En60204-1:1997 was discontinued on 1 June 2009 and replaced by en60204-1:2006 Safety of machine-electrical equipment of equipment-part1 :General requirements (iec60204-1:2005 (modified)). The new version is effective on 6 January 2009
2. 2006/42/ECMD --- mechanical instruction
3. 2006/95/ECLVD--- low voltage instruction
4. 95/16/ECLift(manned use)
5. 90/396/EEC gas directive (internal combustion engine)
6. 97/23 / EC Pressure Equipment Directive. PED
7. Pressure equipment: refers to containers, pipelines, safety accessories and pressure accessories. 0.5*105 Pa pressure equipment
8. 94/9/EC explosion-proof instruction, etc
Standard often involved in mechanical CE:
LA class standard, basic standard, general standard
L98/37 /EC annex 1,EN iso12100-1,-2 (mechanical safety basic concepts and design general principles part: basic terminology and methods part 2: technical principles),EN1050 (mechanical risk assessment) en60204-1 is LVD mechanical and electrical assessment standard with MD assessment part.
LB type standards, involving specific aspects of the product.
LEN811:1997 safety of machinery - safe distance to prevent extension of lower limbs to dangerous areas
Safety of lEN294 machinery - safe distance between upper limbs and hazardous areas
Mechanical safety of lEN349 -- avoid small space of human body parts to be squeezed
Emergency stop device lEN418
LC class standards, specific product standards (food machinery, packaging machinery, machine tools)

Test items of mechanical CE:
L grounding continuity test: look at the voltage drop at both ends of PE at 10A 50/60hz
L leak current test
L insulation resistance test: 500Vdc> 1 megohm
L loop test
L withstand voltage test: 1000V/1S insulation not broken
Residual voltage test: drop to below 60V within 5S
Functional testing: electrical functions of electrical equipment, especially those related to safety
Re - test, retest device and circuit when there are modifications



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