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CE Certification

 "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and the passport to enter the European market. Those who put up "CE" logo products will be the members of the EU domestic sales, are not required to meet the requirements of each member country in order to achieve a range of goods within the EU member states in the free flow of information.
Market in the European Union "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU production of products, or products of other countries, to the EU market, free flow, it is necessary to add "CE" mark, to show that the products meet the EU's "technical coordination and standardization of new methods of" command of the basic requirements. This is a proposed EU law on the products of a mandatory requirement.
CE Certification
  CE word is from the French "Communate Europpene" from the initials, is the meaning of the European Community. Later, the European Community evolved into the European Union (the EU).
  In recent years, the European Economic Area (the European Union, the European Free Trade Association member countries, except Switzerland) into marketable commodities, CE of the use of more and more signs, CE marked products that add their safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection to a range of expression of the European Directive requirements.
   In the past, the EC countries and sales of imported products that require different standards based on a country-made goods to other countries not listed is very likely, as the elimination of trade barriers on the part of the effort, CE emerged. Therefore, CE on behalf of the European Unity (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). In fact, CE is the European Community languages in many countries of the European Community, "an acronym for this phrase, the original phrase in English for the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY initials EC, because EC is in the French COMMUNATE EUROPEIA, Italian for COMUNITA EUROPEA, Portuguese for COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish COMUNIDADE EUROPE and so on, so for the EC to CE. of course, may also wish to CE as CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN (DEMAND) (in line with European (request)).
  The significance of the CE mark: CE acronyms used to add symbols that CE marked products comply with the provisions of the European Directive on the main requirements (Essential Requirements), and to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and / or manufacturing statements are qualified, and truly become the products were allowed to enter the European Community market permits. Add instructions to the relevant CE mark of industrial products, there is no CE mark may not be listed for sale, has been affixed CE marked products entering the market and found that do not meet safety requirements and should be ordered to recover from the market, continuing to direct the CE mark in violation of the provisions of will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or be forced out of the market.

  Only comply with the relevant provisions of the European Directive the main requirements and to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and / or the manufacturer's qualified statement in order to truly become a product was allowed to enter the European Community market permits. CE mark has been affixed to enter the market and found that do not meet safety requirements and should be ordered to recover from the market, continuing to direct the CE mark in violation of the provisions will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or be forced out of the market.
  "CE" mark is a mandatory certification, whether the European Union and non-EU enterprise products in free circulation on the EU market, it is necessary to add "CE" standards in order to show that the products meet the EU's "technical coordination and standardization of new methods of" command the basic requirements. Why

products for CE certification?
A need to apply for CE certification
CE certified products for all countries to trade in the European market provides a unified technical specification, to simplify trade procedures. Products of any country to enter the European Union, the European Free Trade Area of the need for CE certification, in the product affixed CE mark. Therefore CE certified products into the European Union and the European free trade area of the permit markets. CE certification that the product has reached the security of the EU directive requirements; is a commitment to consumers to increase consumer confidence in the product; affixed with a CE marked product in Europe will reduce the risk of the market.
These risks include:
detained by customs and dealt with the risks;
investigated and dealt with by the market risk oversight bodies;
competition was for the purpose of peer risk charges.
  Second, to apply for the benefits of CE certification
EU laws, regulations and standards is not only a large number of co-ordination, but also very complex, designated agencies to help achieve the EU is a time-saving, labor-saving, and reduces the risk of the wise ;
designated by the European Union CE Certification bodies can maximize access to consumer and market confidence in the oversight bodies;
to be effective in preventing irresponsible allegations from happening;
in the face of litigation, the EU designated CE Certification bodies will be legally binding technical evidence;
once punished by the European Union countries, certification bodies and enterprises to the risk-sharing, thus reducing the corporate risks.
Third, the application procedures for CE certification
application by enterprises;
the two sides signed the contract certification;
provide samples and technical documentation testing;
sample testing and technical documentation assessment;
issuance of compliance certificates;
qualified enterprises to issue a statement;
products from enterprises in the CE marking attached.

CE Certification Process
Certification application:
  Certification needs of customers, to provide basic information, BEL product function, structure, assessment of test items, with the completion of the client and the BEL "RFQ", which will serve as the basis for further certification

Price, the signing of the contract
  BEL testing in accordance with the corresponding products will provide you with reasonable and transparent pricing, the client and the BEL reached consensus on the certification, the two sides signed the contract certification.

Provide information, samples 
  Customer requirements in accordance with the engineers to provide product information, such as product manuals, exploded diagram, circuit schematic, parts list, bill of materials, etc., according to the number of test items provide samples of products with the same ship.

Product testing 
  BEL received samples of the product to make a preliminary analysis, based on advanced detection and rich experience of product certification, in accordance with testing standards, and strictly carry out the test.

Measures, improvement 
  In the detection process, discovered by product design, component selection, manufacturing issues such as product defects caused by the light of the actual product design information and response to reform, the reform program is part of a one-stop testing services, professionals and senior years counseling experience in a variety of product certification, equipment, strong support, coupled with technology and the certification body interaction, discussions of technical communication at any time. To ensure that customers find the best solutions to customers the full product, give full consideration to the cost of product manufacturing.


CE certification to prepare fundin

Quantity: At least two machine

CE prepared :

1)International Certification Application Form
3) circuit schematic
4) Manual
5) Note the difference (when the application of a number of models)
6) a list of key components (the proposed international certification mark use of the components)
7) specification of some components (such as transformers, filters, fuses, capacitors, switches, etc.)
The above information must be written in  english!


Test cycle: complete information, products, under the premise of no improvement for the five business days!


                                                                                CE Certification scope


EC implementation of CE marking of industrial products related to the implementation of Directive Table


EU Directive No. (with amendments to the directive #)

Name No.
Simple Pressure Vessels 87/404/EEC,#90/488/EEC,#93/68/EEC Civil explosives 93/15/EEC
Toy Safety 88/378/EEC,#93/68/EEC Medical devices 93/42/EEC
Construction products 89/106/EEC ,#93/68/EEC Low-voltage Electrical Products 2006/95/EC 
EMC products 2004/108/EC Easy to use in explosive environment of equipment and protection systems 94/9/EC
Machinery 2006/42/EC Telecommunications by satellite earth station 93/97/EEC 
Personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC,#93/68/EEC,93/95/EEC With a lift by 95/16/EEC
Non-automatic weighing instrument 90/384/EEC,#93/68/EEC Playground equipment 94/25/EC
Active implantable medical devices 90/385/EEC,#93/68/EEC Pressure device 97/23/EC
Fuel gas combustion devices 90/396/EEC,#93/68/EEC Dangerous goods transported on the road 94/55/EC,96/86/EC
Telecommunications terminal equipment 91/263/EEC,#93/68/EEC Medical device testing 98/79/EC
Hot water boiler equipment 92/42/EEC,#93/68/EEC    



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