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E/e mark certification

 EU E / e mark certification

    Starting in October 2002, in accordance with EU Directive 72/245/EEC, and amendments to the requirements of Directive 95/54/EC, all access to the EU market to sell the vehicle electrical and electronic products, it is necessary to e-Mark certification testing, stickers e signs EU customs clearance would be to allow access to local markets, so auto electronic products on the e-Mark certification, it is imperative.

    E mark from the Economic Commission for Europe (Economic Commisssion of Europe, referred to as ECE) regulations promulgated by (Regulation). ECE, including the current 28 countries of Europe, with the exception of EU member countries, also including Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Africa and Europe and other countries. ECE regulations apply to all members is recommended, not mandatory standards. Member States can be applied to ECE regulations, can also be extended using its own laws and regulations. At present, the demand from the market point of view, usually willing to accept members of ECE regulations in line with the ECE test reports and certificates. E signs the certificate of product components and system components is not the appropriate vehicle certification regulations. Access to E logo certified products, is accepted by the market. E common signs of domestic products are certified automotive light bulbs, glass, tires, triangular warning signs, automotive electronic products. E logo certification testing of the implementation of ECE member countries are generally technical services. E signs the certificate issuing bodies are members of ECE government departments. Countries the corresponding number of certificates: 

E1-Germany; E2-France; E3-Italy; E4-Netherlands; E5-Sweden; E6-Belgium; E7-Hungary; E8-Czech Republic; E9 - Spain; E10-Yugoslavia; E11-British; E12-Austria; E13-Luxembourg; E14-Switzerland; E16-Norway; E17-Finland; E18-Denmark; E19-Romania; E20-Poland; E21-Portugal; E22-Russian; E23-Greece; E25-Croatia; E26-Slovenia; E27-Slovakia; E28-Belarus; E29-Estonia; E31-Bosnia-Herzegovina; E37-Turkey; 

e marked by the European Commission in accordance with the mandatory members of the EU Directive motor vehicle use, security components and systems of certification mark. Testing agencies must be members of the European Union's technical service agencies, certification bodies are members of the Government of the EU transport sector. Access to e logo certified products of the EU member states will be recognized. Certification with the E mark, as members of a corresponding number of certificates: 

e1-Germany; e2-France; e3-Italy; e4-Netherlands; e5-Sweden; e6-Belgium; e9-Spain; e11-British; e12-Austria; e13-Luxembourg; e17-Finland; e18-Denmark; e21-Portugal; e23-Greece; e24-Ireland;

e-mark Logo:

e-Mark In the form of signs is divided into two, one is a rectangular frame, a frame is circular, representing the different content义:


Rectangular frame means to stop the vehicle and the exercise of state can be used instead of the normal use of the products, such as:

Car chargers, car lamps / torches, car air pump, car massage / heated seat cushion, car fans, Electric Car, car refrigerator, coffee pot Car, Car TV / stereo, electric car jack, car cleaners, automotive power tools, etc.




Refers to a circular frame in the vehicle to stop and the exercise of state, must be used in products such as:

Windshields, seat belts, headlights, etc。

Out of the box the number of 1,2, ... 13 ..., on behalf of the e-Mark awarded certificates in different member countries of the EU Code. For example: 1 on behalf of Germany, 4 representatives of the Netherlands, 13 representatives of Luxembourg, 23 on behalf of Ireland and so on, that is, as shown by the code-named the Ministry of Communications issued by the State e-Mark certificate.




E/e mark The scope of application of products


1、 Vehicles - that is, more than two or three rounds of action of electrical means of transport such as buses, trucks, motorcycles, buses and road vehicles outside the。

2、Steam locomotive with zero components - lamp and bulb, a variety of endoscopic, tires, wheels, brakes, horn, anti-theft devices, seat belts, automotive glass and exhaust pipe, etc.。


3、Motorcycle accessories - helmets, child safety seats, car and other electrical products subsidiary。


In October 2002 to require all vehicles, vehicle parts and components, as well as for vehicle electronics products EMC testing must be enforced. EU sales of all electronic components must be unity in line with the EMC Directive 95/54/EC, in accordance with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC will be carried out by self-declared no longer valid. Vehicles authorized by the EU products agencies issued a notice E / e Mark certificate. In other words, the vehicle electronics and electronic components of the original application for CE (EMC) certification will be starting in October 2002 is no longer valid. Must re-apply for the transport sector of European countries issued by E / e Mark certificate before sale in the European market。



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