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European toy industry is innovative and makes a significant contribution to the creation of employment and wealth. The total toy market is estimated in 17.3 billion € at retail prices in 2002, which total imports amounting to over 9 billion €. The European toy industry employs over 100,000 people directly and there are over 2000 companies operating in the toy and games sector. Most of them are small and medium sized enterprises. Some of the European regions in which toy companies are concentrated are the Jura in France, the province of Alicante inSpain and the Black Forest in Germany. There are toy industries also in some regions in the enlargement candidate countries.
Toys Test
Safety is an important issue for toys. The achievement of internal market for toys, by harmonising safety characteristics of toys across the EU, has positively contributed both to the development of the sector and to consumer protection. The Council directive of 88/378/EEC of 3 May 1988 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning the safety of toys, amended by Council Directive 93/68/EEC of 22 July 1993, sets a high level of protection for consumers. The directive relies on European standards and also on the Notified Bodies appointed by Member States to undertake conformity assessment. The Commission is following closely the implementation of the Directive.

The EU toy market has grown 1.4% in 2002. The most important trading partners remain USA, 22% of exports, and the Far East, 88% of imports.
One of the main opportunities for the European toy industry is the tremendous export potential of high quality European products. In this field, the European Commission actively support the industry by improving market access conditions in third countries.

Test Item Standard
Part 1 Mechanical and Physical Properties
Part 2 Flammability
Part 3 Migration of Certain elements
Part 4 Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities
Part 5 Chemical toys (Sets) other than experimental sets
Part 6 Graphical symbol for age warning labelling
Part 7 Finger Paints-Requirements and test methods
Part 8 Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
Part 9 Organic chemical compounds - Requirements
Part 10 Organic chemical compounds – sample preparation and extraction
Part 11 Organic chemical compounds – Methods of analysis
EMC-Conducted Emission EN 55014-1
EMC- Radiated Emission EN 55014-1
EMC-Current Harmonics EN 61000-3-2
EMC-Voltage Flick EN 61000-3-3
EMC-ElectroStatic Discharge EN 61000-4-2
EMC-Conducted Immunity EN 61000-4-3
EMC-Electrical Fast Transient EN 61000-4-4
EMC-Surge EN 61000-4-5
EMC-Radiated Immunity EN 61000-4-6
EMC-Voltage dips, short interruption and variations EN 61000-4-11
LVD-marking and instructions EN62115
LVD-Power input EN62115
LVD- Heating and abnormal operation EN62115
LVD-Electric strength EN62115
LVD-Mechanical strength EN62115
LVD-Construction EN62115
LVD-Protection of cords and wires EN62115
LVD-Screws and components EN62115
LVD-Clearances and creepage distances EN62115
LVD-Resistance to fire EN62115
LVD- Resistance to heat EN62115
LVD-Radiation and toxicity EN62115
R&TTE-Frequency Error EN 300 220
R&TTE-Carrier Power EN 300 220
R&TTE-Spurious Emission EN 300 220
R&TTE-Adjacent Channel Power EN 300 220
R&TTE-Modulation Bandwidth EN 300 220
R&TTE-Spurious Emission to RX EN 300 220
Poisonous element of package testing USA CONEG / 94/62/EC
Phthalates content 2005/84/EC
Colour Fastness German DIN 53160
Azo test 2002/61/EC
Nickel Content EN1811 & EN12472 & EN1810
Cadmium Content 91/338/EEC & NetherlandsLAW 1999 Nr. 149
Food Grade Plastic US FDA & EEC 90/128 & 1935/2004 & LFGB
Leachable Lead & Cadmium Ceramicwares FDA & US California Proposition 65 & 84/500/EEC



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