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FCC Certification

 FCC Certification

FCC Certification

   FCC Certification, also known as the United States Federal Communications Certification, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is the U.S. Federal Communications Commission) in 1934 by the American government COMMUNICATIONACT establishment of an independent body reporting directly to Parliament. FCC through the control of radio broadcasting, television, telecommunications, satellite and cable to coordinate domestic and international communications. More than 50 states involved in the United States, Colombia and the United States in their respective districts, in order to ensure that the lives and property of the radio and wire communications security products, FCC Department of Engineering Technology (Office of Engineering and Technology) is responsible for the technical support of the Commission, is also responsible for equipment recognition of the services. Many radio applications, communications products and digital products to enter the U.S. market, require FCC approval. FCC Commission to investigate and research products at all stages of security in order to identify the best way to solve the problem, at the same time also includes the FCC radio device, the detection of aircraft and so on. 

Federal Communications laws and regulations in accordance with the relevant parts of (CFR 47 part) in, where the entry into the United States of electronics products are the need for electromagnetic compatibility certification (in particular the provisions of the relevant provisions of some of the products except for), in which the more common There are three authentication methods: Certification, DoC, Verification. These three products, methods and procedures for certification have a greater difference in choice of different products in the FCC certification in the relevant requirements. Strict the extent of its decline certification. For the three certification, FCC Commission laboratory on the request of the related. At present, the United States has for several years to become China's second largest trading partner, Sino-US trade volume was an upward trend year after year, exports to the United States therefore can not be underestimated. Technical standards for products the U.S. imports of the strict regulations of the world first, understanding the rules of the United States market access for our products will help to further open the U.S. market. 

Federal Communications Commission (FCC )---- manage the importation and use of radio frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio reception and transmission equipment, radio-controlled toys, phones, personal computers, as well as other possible harm to the safety of products. If you want to export these products to the United States, must be authorized by the Government Laboratory in accordance with FCC technical standards for testing and approval. Importers and customs agents have to declare each radio frequency device in line with the FCC standard, that is FCC license.

FCC Certification There are three main ways

  The main product Authentication method

Self-verification FCC VERIFICATION

AV products, corded telephone,

Common household appliances, Commercial PC, FCC Rule Part 18 of the non-public consumer use of industrial, scientific and medical equipment;

The manufacturer or importer to ensure that their products approved in the FCC to conduct the necessary laboratory tests to confirm that products meet the relevant technical standards and retain the detection of the report, FCC to require manufacturers to submit product samples or equipment testing data;


Statement in line with the

Home computer and peripherals,

Civilian radio receiver,

FCC Rule Part 15 of the other receivers,

TV interface devices,

Cable system terminal equipment and Part 18 of the mass consumers of industrial, scientific and medical equipment;

Equipment responsible party (usually the manufacturer or importer) in the FCC compliance testing organizations designated to test the product in order to ensure that facilities are in compliance with relevant technical standards and retain the detection of the report, FCC is responsible for the right to request to submit samples of equipment or products testing data, the product passed the test and test after the DOC report, the product manufacturers to FCC logo on stickers, selling the U.S. market;


Low power transmitters such as cordless phones, automatic doors of the remote control, radio remote control toys and security alarm systems,

Part 15 of the intentionally radiate radio frequency energy and equipment,

Part 18 of the mass consumers of industrial, scientific and medical equipment, auto-frequency receivers and receiver devices, TV interface devices, as well as home computer and its peripherals;

Products approved through the FCC completed the test chamber to obtain the test report, finishing products, technical information, including: Product details photos, block diagram, the use of manuals, together with the test report to the FCC TCB testing room. FCC TCB test chamber to confirm all the information accurate, and awarded a certificate authorizing an FCC ID number;

Application for the first time the FCC CERTIFICATION customers, shall first apply to the FCC to a code-GRANTEE CODE. Products through the testing and certification, the products marked in the FCC ID number, can be sold to the U.S. market.


FCC certification process:

1, in line with the statement: Product responsible party (manufacturer or importer) will be specified in the FCC compliance testing organization for product testing, to detect 
report, if the products comply with FCC standards, add in the products corresponding labels in the user manual in a statement on the line with FCC standards, and reserves for FCC testing report request. 

2, the application ID, first apply for a FRN, used to fill in other forms. If the applicant is the first time to apply for FCC ID, on the need to apply for a permanent Grantee Code. Waiting for FCC approval of Grantee Code for distribution to the applicant at the same time, the applicant should make the best time to test equipment. 
To be ready all the materials requested by the FCC and report upon the completion of testing, FCC should have the approval of the Grantee Code. The applicant with this Code, testing reports and materials required to complete the online FCC Form 731 and Form 159. Form 159 and FCC remittances received after start accepting applications for certification. FCC accepted ID to apply for the average time for 60 days. The admissibility of the end, FCC's FCC ID will be sent to the applicant Original Grant. The applicant can get a certificate after the sale or export of relevant products.

FCC certification information to be submitted: 

1, to apply for certification of products and manufacturers to apply for certification to full name and contact details mailing address; 

2, will be made available to user authentication products to install and use a copy of the manual. (Such as the product has not yet user manuals, providing relevant content will be grass copies); 

3, schematic diagram of electrical products and explain the working principle. (Such as grounding or antenna products, should be described); 

4, the product of the work of oscillation frequency table, the table should include the spread of the signal path and the corresponding oscillation frequency; 

5 Other product features should be noted. Remarks 

1, the relevant documentation required for the two types of Chinese and English; 
2, in order to shorten the certification period, the information provided in the best form for the electronic document; 
3, During the certification process, for some special cases, enterprises may need to pay additional relevant information. 



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