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Safety Test

 A lot of technology products have been developing for People is seeking for convenience, such as electrical and electronic products is keeping updating with each passing day. But there is some crisis behind them, such as television, power supply, information and communications products radiation, electromagnetic interference and electric shocks, whether tangible or intangible, directly or indirectly. If it's not appropriate and effective prevention, may cause the loss of property. In order to remove the psychological panic and ensure the lives and property, many countries request there must be safety logo provided on the products, and then products may be sold. This is why safety standard came out.
Safety standard is the meaning of product safety, every countries have legal criterion about merchandise in order to protecting consumers.
The products which need to be tested by the third testing organization will be placed on market. Every country has the difference standard about safety, the more safety signs the product get, the better quality means. The relevant danger and injure need to be taken in account as follows:
Electric Shock
Energy Hazards
Chemical Hazards
Radiation Hazards
Mechanical and Heat Hazards
Safety Test

Safety Test Items List

Test Item  Standard
Glow-Wire Test  IEC60695-2-13
Touch Current and Protective Conductor
Current Measurement
Insulation Resistance Measurement  IEC/EN/UL60065
Stability and Mechanical Hazards Test     IEC/EN/UL60065
Earthing Resistance Measurement
Electric Strength Test
Temperature Test
Humidity Test
Abnormal Operation And
Compoent Fault Test
Resistance To Abnormal Heat Test

 Safety Test
EN60601-1/EN 61010... Industry, medical and scientific product secure test
EN 60065/UL 6500 /UL1492/CSA C22.2 M1... Broadcast movie class product secure test
EN 60335-1 /CNS3765/CNS3766 Domestic electrical appliances class product secure test
EN 60598/UL 153 /1571/CSA C22.2 No.9/ No.12 ... Lamps and lanterns class product secure test
EN 60950/UL 1950 /CSA22.2-950... Information technology class product secure test
IEC/EN61029 Power tool class product
EN50088 Toy class product
UL1026 Cooking and food processing class domestic electric appliances product
UL1082 The coffeepot and boils water the kind of domestic electric appliances product
UL1083 Fries the plate and fries in oil the kind of domestic electric appliances product
UL982 Motor class food processing product
UL499 Heating class electric appliance product
UL1647 Massage and fitness class product
UL153 Common lamps and lanterns
UL507 Electric fan class
UL1310 Two kind of power equipment
UL1585 Two kinds of and three kind of transformers
UL1411 The audio frequency, the video frequency use the transformer
UL1778 UPS



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