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Export EU mouse CE certification

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  In recent years,in the European economic area(the European Union,the European free trade association member,except Switzerland)in the sale of products on the market,through the CE certification of products is becoming more and more goods once labeled with CE mark,said its conform to the safety,health,environmental protection and consumer protection,and a series of European directives to express requirements.The"CE"mark is a security certification mark and is seen as the manufacturer's passport to open and enter the European market.Any prescribed product(covered by the New Methods Directive),whether manufactured by an enterprise within the EU or manufactured by a human rights organisation,which is intended to circulate freely in the EU market,must bear the"CE"mark indicating that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU Directive on New Methods of Technical Coordination and Standardization.This is a mandatory requirement for products under EU law.Must comply with the instructions and relevant coordination standards,and with the CE mark.It provides a common low-technology standard for all countries'products to trade in the European market and simplifies trade procedures.

  Wireless Bluetooth mouse reflects the mobile office convenient features,small shape,size less than half of the palm,very convenient to work out,effective mouse can reach more than 10 meters,better than wireless mouse signal,more convenient.CE certification of wireless Bluetooth mouse is a certification that must be obtained when the product is exported to 46 countries in the European Union.Chinese customs and the customs of the other side will not release the CE certificate until they see it.Mouse is the standard computer,is the work and life of the computer can not lack of the main accessories,two modern social development has made the mouse this accessory has a greater progress,that is the intelligent mouse.Smart mouse is connected to the desktop computers and laptops by mouse,smart mouse use rise more convenient than the traditional the mouse,in addition to being able to use on the surface of the table,can also be controlled in the air,has a certain induction ability,brings to the work office and the game play very different experience,smart mouse is an important scientific and technological innovation,in the future there will be important in social development purposes.

  Whether mouse or smart mouse,export to the EU***market must pass CE certification,CE certification must find a testing and certification body with CNAS qualification,CNAS qualification is internationally recognized,the certificate and report issued can be recognized by the EU,so as to reduce some unnecessary risks.Choosing a professional CE certification body is helpful for the smooth entry of products into the European market.Therefore,when choosing a CE certification body,enterprises must choose a formal and qualified testing and certification body for testing.For more details about other CE certifications,please consult EBO business staff.




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