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How to apply for CE certificate of mobile phone

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What is CE certification?How long does it take to apply for a CE certificate?CE certification is limited to the basic safety requirements that the product does not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than the general quality requirements. The coordination directive only specifies the main requirements.


CE certification


CE certification process and cycle for mobile phones


1. The manufacturer shall submit an oral or written preliminary application to the relevant laboratory


2. The applicant shall fill in the CE certification application form and send the application form, technical structure documents and samples to the laboratory


3. The laboratory issues a fee notice to the applicant, and the applicant pays the certification fee according to the fee notice


4. The laboratory carries out product testing and reviews technical documents. If the product testing fails, the standard engineer puts forward preliminary Suggestions for rectification with the customer based on the test situation, and the test work is completed in about 9 working days.


5. The applicant shall sign the CE guarantee and self-declaration, and attach the CE mark to the product


6. Prepare the test report for the laboratory and send the certificate within 3 working days


7. The laboratory will send the test report, certificate and CE declaration to the applicant, and the certification work has been completed


The significance of CE certification mark for mobile Phone:


1. The CE acronym is used to indicate that the product with the CE mark complies with the main requirements stipulated in the relevant European directive, and is used to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedure and/or the manufacturer's declaration of conformity, and truly becomes the passport for the product to be allowed to enter the European Market for sale.


2. The industrial products with CE mark shall not be sold on the market without CE mark, and the products with CE mark shall be ordered to be withdrawn from the market if they are found not to meet the safety requirements. Those who continue to violate CE mark provisions of the directive will be prohibited from entering the EU market or forced to leave the market.


4. The CE mark is a specific mark, which can be enlarged and shrunk in a certain scale.It can also be seen as two intersecting circles, with the letters equal in height and the middle stroke of the "E" slightly shorter than the top and bottom strokes.


The HEIGHT of the CE mark should not be less than 5mm.


5, the use of the CE mark, the necessary legal procedures.




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