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CE certification

What does CE certification mean?

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  What is CE certification?
  CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE is the source of CE,and the"CE"logo is a product safety logo approved by European Union countries.The"CE"mark is a compulsory certification mark in the eu market.Both products produced by other countries and products produced by eu countries must be affixed with the"CE"mark.Therefore,the product with the"CE"mark is quite a passport to enter the European Union market.When the product has the"CE"mark,it can be circulated and sold in the eu countries.
CE certification
  Why apply for CE certification?
  Above we talked about"CE"certification is the mark that enters the European Union market to need to carry out mandatory,now we will talk about the benefits and significance of carrying out"CE"certification.
  1.Customs pass
  Eu laws,regulations and standards are many and complicated,so to obtain a certificate recognized by the eu is a wise decision that saves labor,worry and time.
  2.Directly protect rights
  The"CE"certificate has the force of law and can be used to protect yourself if necessary in the face of irresponsible accusations.
  3.Market competition
  Products with"CE"mark can gain the trust of consumers and market supervisors to the greatest extent in the market and improve the international competitiveness of products in the market.
  4.Financial subsidies
  Access to government subsidies.
  5.Avoid charges
  When the product has the"CE"mark,reduce customs detention,investigation,peer competition charges,market supervision and other risks,reduce some unnecessary trouble.
  6.Share risks
  If punished by an eu country,the certification body will share the risk with the enterprise,thus reducing the risk of the enterprise.
  How to apply for CE certification?
  Products exported to eu countries,such as mechanical products,hand-held machinery,low-voltage electrical products,industrial appliances,personal protective equipment,medical devices,toys and so on,need CE certification.But how to get the CE certification?Let's have a look.
  CE certification process
  Step 1:apply
  1.Fill in the application form
  2.Apply for company information form
  3.Provide product information and send samples
  Step 2:quote
  According to the ceramic materials provided,the Shanghai stone engineer determines the test standard,test time and the corresponding cost
  Step 3:pay
  After confirming the offer,the applicant shall sign the application form and service agreement and pay
  Step 4:test
  The laboratory carries out a full set of tests on the applied products in accordance with the relevant eu testing standards
  Step 5:pass the test and complete the report
  Step 6:issue CE certificate upon completion of the project




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