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The cost of EU CE certification for LED supplementary lights

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LED the European Union CE certification as the fill light to handle fee, lamps and lanterns of the European Union CE certificate is dealt with, of course, is to find there are authorized to do the test items of the third party inspection agencies, shenzhen million bo examination organization is such a inspection agencies, for domestic businesses need to export the eu countries to deal with CE certification, has a wealth of experience and successful cases, as the below small make up take a look at some more details!
CE certification of LED fill light
LED complement light is a kind of solid light-emitting device, also known as light-emitting diode, which is driven by a small current to emit light from semiconductor devices. It consumes little power and has high stability, but its brightness is relatively weak. Less heat, good heat dissipation. Reliable access to plants without worrying them. Because of this feature, the LED can be placed horizontally or vertically over the plant, so it can greatly reduce light loss and provide light efficiency.
The so-called supplementary light lamp is a kind of special lighting equipment that uses a specific light to project to the illuminated object and directly or indirectly get the light supplement. When used to promote plant photosynthesis, it is directly supplemented by light; When used to improve the illumination of the environment and improve the low illumination of the camera, it is to shoot the scene illuminated by a specific light, so that the camera can shoot the picture of good quality, which is indirectly supplemented by light. The light source of the supplementary light lamp usually has LED, metal halide lamp, fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium, incandescent lamp, iodine tungsten lamp, xenon lamp (HID) and so on.
CE certification is the product into the European Union and the European free trade zone market pass. Any country's products to enter the European Union, the European Free Trade Area must be CE certification, in the product on the CE mark. The CE certification testing of LED lamps and lanterns provides a unified technical specification for the products of various countries in the European market for trade. The CE certification products have reached the safety requirements stipulated by the EU directive. It is a commitment of enterprises to consumers and simplifies trade procedures. Increased consumers' trust in the product; The products with the CE mark will reduce the risk of being sold on the European market.
Standard for CE certification of lamps and lanterns:
EN60598-1: lamps and lanterns. Some: total requests and experiments
EN60598-2-1: lamps and lanterns. Second, some: special requests. Usually fixed lamps
EN55015: Limits and test methods for radio disturbance function of electrical lighting and similar equipment
EN61547: Lighting apparatus for general use. EMC immunity request
EN61000-3-2: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 3: Limits Limits for harmonic current emission (equipment input current of 16A/ phase)
EN61000-3-3: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 3-3: Some: limits. Constraints on voltage wobble and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems (for equipment with rated current less than or equal to 16A)
The CE certification of LED fill light mainly has the following five aspects :EMC-EN55015, EMC-EN61547, LVD-EN60598. If it is LVD with rectifier, EN61347,EN61000-3-2/-3(test harmonics) are generally done. CE is composed of EMC(electromagnetic compatibility)+LVD(low voltage instruction).
EMC also includes EMI(interference)+EMC(anti-interference). LVD means SAFETY in general. Generally speaking, low-voltage product AC is less than 50V, and DC is less than 75V, so LVD projects can be avoided. For low-voltage products, only EMC should be tested and CE-EMC certificate should be issued. For high-voltage products, EMC and LVD should be tested and two certificates and reports CE-EMCCE-LVD should be issued.
LED the European Union CE certification as the fill light to handle fee, for different categories of lamps and lanterns in different test standard, test different project, cost also is differ, generally is about 2000-5000, is not the same as the agency cost is also different, detailed cost can inquire shenzhen bo examination organization staff know, our company against the eu CE certification, has a wealth of experience and successful cases, worthy of your trust and support!




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