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MID Directive requirements for measuring instruments

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  Measuring instruments offered in the European market must comply with the appropriate product safety requirements. The manufacturer, distributor or importer is responsible for this to a varying degree. The requirements are set out in Directive 2014/32/EU.

Measuring instruments certificatie_ce certification

  The conformity procedure varies for each product and may consist of the following steps:

  The production process and the quality management system must comply with the requirements;

  The documentation that accompanies the item must be verified and the manual must be available to consumers.

  Certification Experts assesses the level of conformity of measuring instruments. An assessment of the documentation and a practical audit form part of the evaluation process. An assessment, evaluation and verification of the product documentation is carried out. In addition, we assess factories, implement quality systems and draw up relevant documents.

  Product Applicability

  The requirements for measuring instruments apply to the following products:

  Water meters, gas meters and volume conversion devices, active electrical energy (watt-hour) meters, heat meters, measuring systems for the continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water, automatic weighing instruments, taxi meters, material measures, dimensional measuring instruments and exhaust emission analyzers.

  Request a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts at our office. We will explain exactly which guidelines your product needs to comply with and what steps you need to take.

  You can find more information about CE certification of measuring instruments  by contact us by telephone.



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