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Vibration Test

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  Why should we do the vibration test?

  All Products must pass the vibration tests.The purpose of the vibration test is to determine the resistance of the product to vibration stress that the unit may under go during shipment and handing.

Vibration Test

  The scope of vibration test:

  This test can be used for all products independent of the type,the nature of the product.

  There ara two types of vibration tests.

  1、Sine-wave vibration.

  2、Random vibration.

  Common vibration test standards:GB/T 2423.10—95

  How to apply for vibration test?

  The following is the simple process for vibration test in our laboratory:

  1、Provide our lab your product images and product manuals.

  2、Confirm the test standard by both side.


  4、Fill in the test application form(Our company will provide the application form).

  5、Send test samples to our company.

  6、Sign the contract and pay.

  7、Start testing



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