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High-temperature test

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  Why should we do High-temperature test?

  Use high temperature tests to obtain data to help evaluate effects of high temperature conditions on materiel safety,integrity, and performance.

  The application of High-temperature test

  Application. Use this method to evaluate materiel likely to be deployed in areas where temperatures are higher than standard ambient.

  How to determine test levels and conditions?

  Consider the following when selecting test levels.

High-temperature test

  1、Identify the appropriate climatic conditions for the geographic areas in which the materiel will be operated andstored.

  2、Before determining the levels at which to set test temperatures, determine the way in which the materiel is exposed toheat in normal storage and operational circumstances.

  3、For constant temperature exposure, soak the test item until its temperature has stabilized and maintain the testtemperature at least two hours following stabilization. For cyclic exposure, determine the test duration based on anestimate of the number of cycles required to satisfy the design requirements and the guidance below. The duration ofhigh temperature exposure may be as significant as the temperature itself. Because Procedures I and II could exposethe test items to cyclic temperatures, the number of cycles is critical.

  4、Determine the test item configuration based on realistic configuration(s) of the materiel anticipated for storage andoperation.

  5、Generally, relative humidity (RH) control during high temperature tests is not necessary. In special cases, extremelylow RH may have a significant effect on some materiel during high temperature testing.

  The following is the simple process for High-temperature testing in our laboratory:

  1、Provide our lab your product images and product manuals.

  2、Confirm the test standard by both side.


  4、Fill in the test application form(Our company will provide the application form).

  5、Send test samples to our company.

  6、Sign the contract and pay.

  7、Start testing



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